2017 Spring Enrollment

Spherical micelleLinoleic acidHands-on Science Labs led by Matt Dubay, PhD

Learning: an everyday, lifelong, necessity!

Spring Semester: Jan.-Apr. (Tues. 6:00-7:30 PM)

Similar amount of material as 1 college credit

Pre-requisite: Algebra

Ages: 15+ (younger ages allowed with instructor consent)

Cost: $275 for all 16 labs (or $18.50 for an individual lab)

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Integrated Sciences: Chemistry Physics Biology Mathematics
Applications: Theory Industry Technology Everyday

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Make sure to print, sign, and bring the applicable waiver on the first day:

Waiver for adults

Waiver for young adults (minors)

Space is LIMITED because each student gets their own lab station!  No one is left to just “watch”.  Every student does their own labs!

Lab coat & safety glasses will be provided.

Age limits?  There are no set age limits, just a requirement that students are old enough and responsible enough to respect my safety rules.

Adults are welcome (and even encouraged)!  At Small t Academy, all that is required to be a student is a willingness to learn.

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