Soap Making Class Requirements

If you are interested in hosting one of our soap making classes, here is some general information you’ll need to know.

In General

Our current maximum capacity for a class is 10 stations.  There can certainly be more than one person per station, but we prefer each person get their own station so they can learn the most and leave with their own soap in hand!  Only one registered person is required for a station with multiple students.  Minors will need to be supervised by an adult, they often pair up for a station.  Remember, parents always learn for free at Small t!  Just register a minor and a parent can join in for free.

Location Requirements

In order to teach the soap making class in an effective and safe manner, the following criteria must be met at the location:

  1. Tables must be provided by the host:
    1. Enough table spaces for at least 2 ft per person (room for a medium sized crock pot plus space for each person)
    2. Also, two medium tables for community supplies
  2. At least 4 accessible power plugins, preferably in 2 locations (2 plugins × 2 outlet locations within a few feet of the tables)
  3. Sink/bathroom to wash the equipment in after soap is made
  4. Preferred: access to large TV or monitor for presentation

Two Pricing Plans

Hosts can cover as much of the cost as they want, the rest will be passed along to the students

  1. Flat rate fee of $75 (covered by host typically) plus $20 per person no minimum required
  2. $30 per person with a 7 person minimum

Interested? Contact us!