Soap Making Class


Have you ever thought about making soap?
Always wanted to try?
You’re in luck: Registration for Soap Making Class will be open soon!

“The toughest thing about making soap is getting through your first batch.” -MRD
Let us help you!

When: TBA
Where: TBA, MN

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When: TBA
Where: TBA, MN
By who: Taught by Matt Dubay, PhD & Jenna Dubay
For who: Anyone interested in making soap (adult supervision required for anyone under 15 yrs)
What to expect:

  • We will teach the science of making soap and the advantages of using natural soap.
  • We will provide all the supplies and equipment, plus guide you through each step.
  • You will leave with 50 oz. of handmade soap, greater than a $50 value!

What to bring:

  • An old long-sleeve shirt
  • Signed waiver for the individuals attending (legal formalities in order to have fun these days…)
  • 30 mL of your favorite essential oil (optional for those who wish not to use the provided lemon essential oil)
  • Fun exfoliants like oatmeal or orange zest (for those who want to make exfoliating bars of soap)

Cost: $20


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