Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils

Essential Oil AddedFragrance Oil AddedWe don’t have to tell you that there are many view points on essential oils and the pros and cons of fragrance oils.  What we will do at Small t Soaps, is clearly inform you when essential oils and when fragrance oils are in our products.  You will find the insignias to the left and right used throughout our products to give you a quick reference for when each are present on the ingredients list.

Most people have their own opinions, but here is how we break it down:

Essential Oils Fragrance Oils
Whether you believe in the healing powers of essential oils, you have to understand that every essential oil is a mixture of compounds.  There are major chemical compounds and then there are smaller, trace, compounds.  The trace compounds are what give them their rich aroma (in comparison to fragrance oils).  However, the process of extracting the essential oils from a plant is rarely economical.  Also, not all plants lend themselves to extraction of their essential oils at all!

Insignia-Essential Oil smaller

Let’s be blunt here.  Fragrance oils are synthetic chemicals produced in a lab.  The number of different compounds in a fragrance oil is far less (in comparison to essential oils).  Therefore, fragrance oils may have a “stronger” aroma than their essential oil counterparts, but the scent will not be as “full”.

Insignia-Fragrance Oil smaller