Why did we create Small t Soaps?

That’s a great question.

First off, did you know that Small t Soaps is just one branch of Small t?

In general, Small t exists to:

  1. Learn Truth through truths.
  2. Pass on knowledge.
  3. Promote critical thinking.

Small t Soaps emerged from the 3rd item on the list above.

Browsing the ingredients list of commercial soaps raises an eyebrow for me, as a chemist.  There are A LOT of chemicals in today’s soaps.  Some of the chemicals are detergents, but most are processing aids.  Many detergents, especially the anionic surfactants, are known skin irritants (or are at least suspected skin irritants).  Who wants to literally bathe in a known irritant?  I don’t know, but some of us do it everyday.

Looking for alternatives to today’s commercialized soaps led us to hand-made natural soaps.  Yes, “old school” soaps.

However, we found hand-made soaps to be quite a bit more expensive than what we were used to paying for the regular soaps at the store.  We decided to put my chemistry background and some process engineering together to see if we could find a way to meet our own desire for natural soaps without breaking the bank.

The traditional method of reacting fats & oils with lye turned out to be fun and efficient.  Here at Small t Soaps, we offer natural soaps that fit everyone’s needs (and can fit into anyone’s budget)!  The cost of our Pure & Simple soap bars can compete with commercialized bars and our specialty bars like Mangodelish and Mo-Mint Pease can fulfill your need for fun and flavor (still without bursting your budget).  Allergies?  Try searching our product attributes for something like Nut Free or hypoallergenic.

If you find that we don’t offer something to fit your needs, let us know!  Maybe we can add something to our ever growing product range.  We LOVE suggestions!

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